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Vumelana Advisory Fund

Mkhambathi Nature Reserve Phase 1

Early in 2012, Vumelana appointed a team to facilitate an agreement between a tourism development company, the Mkhambati Land Trust and the ECPTA to develop properties in the northern part of the Reserve. The agreement provides that the developer will lease a portion of the Reserve, fence it and develop 110 beds at two beach locations at a cost of not less than R65m. A lease agreement for the development of the facilities have been concluded and an environmental impact assessment is under way.

Vumelana Advisory Fund

Cata Forestry Development

The Cata CPA formed the Sithe Forestry Company (SFC) and in 2012 approached Vumelana for support to negotiate the raising of capital and securing of off-take agreements to extend the plantations it had under management by some 500 hectares. Vumelana agreed to fund the Border Rural Committee to help the Cata CPA to negotiate funding and off-take agreements.