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The case of the Business Trust Mabedi Programme

Through the Business Trust Maruleng and Bushbuckridge Economic Development Initiative (Mabedi) which was undertaken with the then Department of Provincial and Local Government, communities were brought into partnership with private investors. Skills and capital were attracted, and jobs were created. This paper will examine two successful Community Private Partnerships (CPPS) in tourism and agriculture, in adjacent regions of the Mpumalanga and Limpopo provinces. These two provinces account for over 37% of land claims in South Africa.

Vumelana Advisory Fund

A Guide for Community Leaders: Tsonga

Vumelana produced a series of guides that demonstrate how properly facilitated and carefully structured commercial partnerships can promote job creation and rural development in communities living on restored and communal land. This guide explains how commercial partnerships work. It tells the story of a community frustrated because they don’t have the money and skills to run a business on the land that belongs to them. It also shows the nature of benefits that can accrue to the community as it enters into a commercial partnership with private investors to work its land.