Search Tips

Basics: How Do Quick and Advanced Search Work?

Quick Search

  • searches against Full Text, Titles, Authors, Keywords, Countries, Date
  • combines multiple terms by default (AND), so results will include all of your terms
  • can be modified with NOT, OR, and “” for exact phrases

Advanced Search

  • Search with free text terms only, with any selection of filters only, or with a combination of free text terms and any selection of filters
  • Free text search options where you type in your term(s)
    • “Anywhere” searches against Full Text, Titles, Authors, Keywords(like Quick Search)
    • “Title” searches against title, including book,, article, journal, series, and working paper titles
    • “Author” searches against any author or editor
    • “Keywords” searches against the entire list of Keywords
    • can be modified with AND, NOT, OR, and “” for exact phrases
  • Filter search options where you select one or more specific filters
    • Publication (by content type as well as series and journal name)
    • Country Focus
    • Content Type (???)
    • Author
    • Category
    • Combines multiple selections (AND) so results will include all of your filters
  • Provides results with expanded filter set for further refining

Search Results

  • include any combination of working papers, journals, research reports, and presentations.
  • have an expanded set of filters to further refine
    • Content Type filters by book, journal, or working papers, depending on your results
    • Topic filters by topic, depending on your results
    • Region
    • Country
    • Keyword
    • Author
    • Publication Date

Getting Good Search Results

  • For specific or well-known concept(s)
    • Search for your terms in  “Keywords” because these are most closely tied to concepts in each publication
      • Use “Keywords” for “land reform”
  • For comparative country information
    • Use the “Country” filters to select the set of countries you want to compare, with or without any other search terms or filters
    • Results will include content that discusses each of the countries selected
    • Example:
      • Select South Africa, Namibia, and Zambiain the Country filter to get results that cover all three countries