What is the future of land reform in South Africa? What could happen by 2030? Click here to read more on four scenarios for land reform in South Africa.


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How do we decide?

Assessment Criteria

Various factors are taken into consideration during the application assessment process. Applications should meet the eligibility criteria and demonstrate the greatest potential impact on the communities involved.

Eligibility criteria

In order to be eligible for support the communal property institution (CPI) should be registered, its members should be poor and needy people, and it should have sufficient rights to the land to be able to develop it. The land to be developed should fall within South Africa’s Land Reform Programme

Impact criteria

Vumelana aims to support those projects that have the greatest potential impact on the communities involved. Proposals are assessed on a competitive basis. Those which Vumelana judges to be the most likely to succeed are supported.


In making that assessment Vumelana considers the likely socioeconomic impact of the project, the commercial viability of the proposed development, the stability of the communal property institution, the need for government support, the potential for concluding a deal and the quality of the proposal and the advisory team.

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