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Africa can learn from SA’s renewable energy programme


Following global trends leaning towards a more sustainable future, governments in most African countries have established increasingly ambitious renewable energy (RE) targets for their power sector. However, with the notable exception of South Africa and the hydro power sector, not much has materialised thus far.


The South African Renewable Energy Independent Power Producer Programme (REIPPP), implemented since 2011, has proven to be a large success for the country, with 6.3GW of RE procured by Eskom since its inception. This totals approximately 15% of South African installed power generation capacity. At the end of 2015, more than 2.2GW Clean Energy Africa Finance Guide, 2016 Edition, of the 6.3GW new procured power, had been commissioned and injected daily into the grid.


Many best-in-class international advisors were involved in the design of the South African REIPPPP and assisted the Department of Energy’s IPP office with implementing global best practices. South Africa has succeeded in creating a highly competitive RE market; however, it has taken about 15 years to reach this goal.


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