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Bill limiting land ownership likely to be published for public comment in May

Author: Linda Ensor

THE controversial Regulation of Agricultural Land Holdings Bill, which will limit the extent of land that can be owned by individuals and entities and will terminate land ownership for foreign nationals, would probably be published for public comment in May.

This is according to Rural Development and Land Reform Minister Gugile Nkwinti, who presented his budget vote speech in the National Assembly on Tuesday.


Mr Nkwinti said the bill was awaiting pre-certification from the state law advisers.

A socioeconomic impact assessment had been conducted on the bill, which would be published in May for 30 days of public comment and submitted to Parliament in June.

Updating MPs on the progress with other bills, the minister said the Communal Land Tenure Bill would be submitted to the Cabinet once certified by the state law advisers. He anticipated that it would be published for comment in June and tabled in Parliament in July.


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