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Commission on Restitution of Land Rights on Strategic & Annual Performance Plan 2015/16

The Chief Land Claims Commissioner from the Commission of Restitution of Land Rights presented the strategic plan for 2015-2020 as well as the Annual Performance Plan 2015/2016 to the Committee. She emphasised that there was still a need for the Commission to be clearly delineated in function and fact from the Department of Rural Development and Land Reform (DRDLR) particularly since the Commission reported directly to the Minister. It was later noted that it was already part way on the process, with the electronic record shift being completed, and part of the restitution function, but that it was still administratively dependent on that Department. The issue of inadequate communication and awareness-raising on the part of the Commission was acknowledged, and there were efforts already directed to resolving that, including the unveiling for use, in the current year, of mobile lodgment offices. The Commission had not received sufficient budget and had therefore requested permission, and had already, reprioritised its budget, by shifting amounts from capital transfers from the household budget to fund the additional lodgment posts needed as well as critical posts for senior management and legal staff, and there had also been reprioritisation of funding for goods and services. The budget for the following two years was R3.2 billion and R3.4 billion, to take account of some claims. The main risk was a budgetary one, since insufficient budget would affect the settlement of large claims. It was hoped that 463 land claims would be settled  in the current financial yer and 373 finalised. There were a number of claims outstanding from the 1998 lodgments, which needed more research, but it was hoped that 2 660 of these would be settled also across the 14 operational lodgmenet offices and two mobile offices.

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