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Commission shows us the middle finger

Author: Lindile Sifile

Bakwena ba Mare a Phogole, a Tswana clan, has lodged a contempt of court application in the Land Claims Court in Randburg against the regional land claims commission and the Commission on Restitution of Land Rights.  

About 1800 members of the clan are claiming a massive portion of land located in the south of Johannesburg.

In January this year, the same court ordered that both commissions accept the validity of the clan’s application and that the claim should be published in the Government Gazette within 60 days of the order. 

The commissions were also instructed to pay the applicant’s legal fees. This did not happen.

The land claims commission also failed to gazette the claim on August 29, citing hiccups, and promised to do so the following week. This did not happen.

In court papers filed last Friday, the clan’s committee chairman Jacob Ngakane submitted that “the respondents were just being difficult and purposely delaying the matter.”

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