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DFI announces ‘realistic’ land reform strategy

South Africa’s Deciduous Fruit Industry (DFI) has announced its industry-driven land reform initiatives which it says are a ‘pro-active and realistic’ response to the aims and objective of the National Development Plan. 

A release said the program was aimed at achieving the vision of a ‘transformed, sustainable and integrated industry value chain’ with the Deciduous Fruit Development Chamber SA (DFDC-SA), supported by Hortgro via a portion of the industry statutory levy as implementing agents.

The program is said to be based on a ‘set of guiding principles and key success factors’ identified and agreed by the industry stakeholders to ensure sustainable economic development and land reform within the realities of the capital, labour and technology intensive and long-term nature of the sector.

DFDC-SA chairman Pitso Sekhoto said the DFI had ‘high multipliers’, both in terms of income generation and job creation.

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