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Drought knocks KZN sugar industry


KZN has been hit by a severe drought that has disrupted business and reduced yields on farms, especially in the sugar sector, and could lead to job losses. According to a BDlive report, the water shortage is expected to last for at least the next two months. Towns and rural areas have been warned to brace themselves for water restrictions as severe droughts and hot weather have caused water levels in local dams to dwindle. Durban Chamber of Commerce CEO Andrew Layman said the drought would have a severe effect on the regional economy, especially on the sugar sector and other agribusinesses, the report notes. ‘We don’t know the full impact of the droughts on our economy yet,’ the report quote Layman as saying. ‘But the sugar sector will suffer quite badly and this would be felt downstream and could lead to the temporary closing down of some mills and workers being laid off. The small farmers are already feeling the heat by getting lower and lower yields.’

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