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Energy efficient farming a crucial necessity

Farming in South Africa is facing a severe drought and steadily increasing costs – labour infrastructure, equipment, transport, energy, livestock and seed stock are becoming more expensive. To counter these threats, farmers need new business strategies to reduce operating costs, compete more effectively and comply with increasingly strict environmental standards while also increasing productivity and improving quality.


As a result, Eskom has been doing extensive research on energy efficient farming and how to best support South Africa’s farmers and all other types of agro-businesses with energy efficiency advice.


Farming operations plus the processing, packaging and other support industries comprising the sector, consumes 6,000GWh (gigawatt hours) of electricity per year, 4% of the national total. Although far less than the 148,000GWh consumed by the industrial sector, powering the agricultural sector is of strategic importance to the long-term socio-economic wellbeing of our country. Apart from the fact that millions of people are directly or indirectly dependent on agriculture for their livelihoods, the sector is key to our nation’s food security and foreign currency-generating food exports.


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