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Ingonyama Trust Board & CRLR on their 2016 Strategic Plans; Analysis of Department’s performance: briefing by DPME & AGSA, with Deputy Speaker & Deputy Minister

Author: Miss P Ngwenya-Mabila

The Department of Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation briefed the Committee on its assessment of the performance of the Department of Rural Development and Land Reform against Outcome 7: Comprehensive Rural Development; and the on Management Performance Assessment Tool Reports. The slow transformation in land reform was cause for great concern. There had been very encouraging progress on restitution. As at 30 November 2015, 78 483 claims had been settled and 59 758 were finalised as from 1998. The Restitution Programme had to-date benefited 1.94 million individuals of 390 621 households. Of these, 136,968 households were female headed households and 885 were headed by persons with disability.


The Commission spent its entire budget every financial year since 2007/08 financial year. A total of 144, 112 new land claims have been lodged since the re-opening of land claims on 1 July 2014. These claims were lodged in 14 lodgement offices of the CRLR, and in 6 mobile lodgement offices of the Commission. As at 31 December 2015 there were 7 584 land claims lodged. Due to the considerable cut in the budget for compensation of employees, only unequivocally critical posts could be filled over the Medium Term Expenditure Framework.


Follow the link below to read the minutes of this meeting and to download all supporting documents:

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