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Isimangaliso Wetland Park Authority and South African Weather Services on their 2014/15 Annual Reports

Isimangaliso Wetland Park Authority had met 18 targets, exceeded 10 but not achieved 2. It particularly over-achieved on creating jobs, providing support to SMMEs, and granting bursaries. There was under-achievement in increasing visitor numbers, although it was pointed out that the numbers of casual visitors, who could enter the un-ticketed areas of the Park, were not counted because this would simply be too costly. In regard to tourism the Park was showing a negative growth rate ten years ago, but that had turned around. It now contributed 6.7% to Kwazulu Natal’s GDP and had contributed 6 000 direct jobs.

The introduction of a R5 levy, which had been quite some time in consideration before being implemented, had increased revenue and there were more school visits than anticipated, more than double the target. Indicators not meeting the targets were that 23 out of a target of 24 newsflashes were emailed and two park tours had not been held but were delayed to the following financial year.


Follow the link below to read the summary and the minutes of this meeting and to download the IWPA Annual Report:

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