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Land claims hurdles remain – SAHRC

Problems with the land restitution process have not been fully solved and risk undermining the new five-year claim period, the SA Human Rights Commission said on Monday.

 These included poor research capacity, delays caused by competing claims, incomplete cadastral surveys, and problems in calculating the value of land, the commission said in a report titled “Systematic Challenges Affecting the Land Restitution Process in SA”.

 “The commission remains concerned that these systemic challenges and gaps remain unresolved, and that, although the number of outstanding claims is not reliable… thousands of people have been waiting for almost two decades to have their matters dealt with.”

 The land reform and rural development department estimated that 397,000 land claims could be lodged during the second claim phase, which opened on June 30. It faced a backlog of more than 8000 from the first phase.

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