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‘Land ownership limit applies to everyone’

Author: Gaye Davis

Rural Development and Land Reform Minister Gugile Nkwinti says government’s plan to limit ownership of farmland to 12,000 hectares will apply to South Africans as well as foreign nationals.

Nkwinti says the policy in this regard will be finalised by the end of March. He adds that details of all agricultural land-holdingsabove the threshold will be entered into a database.

Owners will be able to negotiate the sale of surplus hectares to the government. However, Nkwinti says foreign nationals will not be allowed to own farmland, but will be able to enter into long-term leases with the government. “So the 12,000 hectares limited extent will also apply to foreign nationals, for everybody owning land in South Africa. In terms of that extent it will hold for all of them.”

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