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LAND REFORM – this is our land…

Author: Rizel Delano

LAND REFORM – this is our land…

The ultimate goal of land reform is to offer a solution to people who lost their land, secure land rights, implement an effective land administration system, enable citizens to invest and develop business capabilities, and to create more job opportunities.

Zuma called on traditional leaders to use their resources and help their communities in the new process of land claims to ensure no claimants are left out of the process.

Most citizens who have already claimed land feel angered, as the process of getting their land back is painfully slow and dreadfully unsuccessful, with government being mired in its own inefficiencies.

For landowners, land reform incites fear of being evicted from their farms, mixed with feelings of despair with the prospect of seeing the blood and sweat of their labour dwindle as new owners turn the land into ruins.

Some rights advocates view the new Act as part of a rising pact between the government and traditional leaders, who see themselves as legitimate authorities over rural populations.

Door open for traditional leaders to claim of great concern is that politically connected traditional authorities may try to push through large land claims.

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