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Land Tenure Summit – issues and background

Author: Centre for Law and Society

On 4 September, DRDLR Minister Gugile Nkwinti gave a keynote address. He was very clear that the Land Summit was not about setting policy but was about implementation of policies adopted at the Mangaung conference of the African National Congress in December 2012. He framed his comments on land tenure within the four-tier tenure system: state-owned land, privately held land, foreign-owned land, and communal tenure.


Today (5 September), ‘Commissions’ are underway where stakeholders will provide input and discuss four focus areas: the Communal Land Tenure Policy, Communal Property Associations, the Land Tenure Security for Commercial Farming Areas Policy and the Agricultural Landholdings Policy. Resolutions will emerge from these Commissions, but it is unclear to what extent they will be binding on the DRDLR.

The Rural Women’s Action Research Programme has prepared position papers that speak to two of the four areas being discussed at the Land Summit. They are listed below with reference to the Minister’s comments…

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