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Marikana issue linked very strongly to inequality: Mpofu

Author: Mamaponya Motsai

Economic Freedom Fighters’ chairperson Dali Mpofu says what French economist, Thomas Piketty has said on reducing inequality in South Africa is what the EFF has been saying all along.

“These are issues that we have been talking about. Maybe South Africans will hear them better if it comes from somebody else”, says Mpofu.

Piketty, author of Capital in the 21st century, delivered the 13th annual Nelson Mandela Lecture in Soweto on Saturday.

The French professor, who is an expert in issues of inequality, says if it is to drastically reduce inequality, South Africa must, introduce a minimum wage, prioritize improving the quality of education for everyone, address issues of land reform, introduce an annual net worth tax, be more transparent on issues of land ownership and have more worker participation within companies.

“We agree fully with what he is saying. I think the diagnosis that he is giving is the correct one. Particularly around issue of minimum wage, radical tax reforms and land reforms, transparency in land ownership, asset ownership and the question of land,” says Mpofu.

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