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Racism, Rustenburg and the ANC’s 2016 challenges

Author: Greg Nicolson

Rustenburg’s Civic Centre served as the ANC’s administrative base while it organised the party’s birthday celebrations. On Friday, a market of stalls sold merchandise on its lawns and President Jacob Zuma was set to cut a cake marking 104 years since the movement was born. Around the city, banners advertising Saturday’s rally were being hung on lamp posts as the luxury cars rolled into town.

On Saturday, as almost half of the Rustenburg stadium left to avoid the heat during Zuma’s address, the president said, “The challenges of poverty, inequality and unemployment have their roots in the vast tracks of land that were stolen from the indigenous people of South Africa. The speed of land reform and levels of support for emerging farmers must be radically accelerated.” Land redistribution, however, has been slow and while the ANC has criticised the willing-buyer willing-seller model an alternative looks far from being implemented.

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