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Report on Workshop held by Minister Nkwinti on 20 March 2015

Author: Annelize Crosby

Minister Nkwinti held a Land Reform Indaba on 20 March 2015.  This was a follow-up to the workshop held in October 2014, when the Minister called for alternative proposals to the 50/50 scheme to be developed and submitted by the end of March 2015.  At the 20 March workshop, the Minister indicated that the workshop had been called to establish what progress had been made since October.  He made it clear that the end of March deadline for alternative proposals was still relevant.  He also stated that he would call another workshop around21 April 2015 to get feedback from 5 task teams that will now be established under the auspices of the Interdepartmental Task Team (ITT) to do specific work on the implementation of the following:

o   50/50 Proposal: Identify and monitor 10 pilot projects for tenure security aimed at improving the lives of farmworkers (50/50). This task team will develop criteria for evaluation of pilots, analyse various proposals for tenure security for farmworkers and agree on a way forward.

o   Agricultural landholdings: This task team will have to consider and recommend variations on the proposed 12 000 hectare land ceiling for different areas and commodities.

o   Foreign landownership: This task team will consider possible variables for restrictions on foreign ownership.

o   District Land Committees: The task team will have to advise whether the district land committees are aligned to what was conceptualised in the NDP and how these can best allow for participation of stakeholders.

o   Agriparks: This task team will identify the specific sites for agriparks to be situated, suggest the models that are to be used and come up with an implementation model.

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