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Restitution Amendment Bill still in the NCOP

Author: Boitumelo Matlala

Recent news reports purport that the Restitution of Amendment Bill [B-2013] has been passed in parliament. These reports are misleading as this is not entirely the case.  The Restitution Amendment Bill was approved by the National Assembly on 25 February. But a few months ago the bill was retagged a section 76 bill following advice by the parliamentary legal advisors. This meant the bill would not only go through the National Assembly process, but also had to go to the National Council of Provinces (NCOP) with the possibility of another set of hearings facilitated by this house. The bill is currently in the NCOP and still requires it to deliberate before it is passed. Given the tight time frames, it is questionable if the bill will be passed should parliamentary procedure be followed.

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