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Small-Scale Farmers Have a Good Story to Tell

Author: Abel Mputing

The Committee on Rural Development and Land Reform’s public hearings on the Recapitalisation and Development Programme (RADP) currently held at Parliament unearthed gaps in the project and the significant inroads it has registered since its inception in 2010. 

The recapitalisation and development programme’s objective was to ascertain ways and means of rekindling the class of black fledgling commercial farmers which was destroyed in 1913 by the Natives Land Act.

Encompassed in this endeavour was a need to create a sustainable agricultural enterprises and industries which will be characterised by strong and increased investment in agro-processing and trade development. But most of all, to facilitate market access for black smallholder farmers. 

Mr Bonginkosi Zulu, Chief Director of the Department of Rural Development and Land Reform, admitted that there are gaps that need to be plugged to ensure that the recapitalisation project lives up to the letter and object of its mandate.

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