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Spectrum: Zanu-PF Victory: A Malema called Nel

Author: Joram Nyathi

At times one is not sure whether it is a case of ignorance, or simply taking partisan politics too far. Whichever way, there is clearly a problem in the land, when, in a state of political hysteria, people cannot draw a line between a national programme and a political party project, conflate the two, and opt out of both. The MDC-T has a duty to help its followers, otherwise it risks a backlash from the unintended consequences of its boycott politics.

Whether it chooses to describe it as propaganda or political gimmicks, the truth is the land reform programme and black economic empowerment and indigenisation policies are irreversible. Zimbabwe will never witness another 1998 donors’ conference with white commercial farmers seeking to dictate how much and which land to give to Government. The situation is that bad for those dreaming of a better future in the past. Let them learn something from one white man in South Africa.


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