What is the future of land reform in South Africa? What could happen by 2030? Click here to read more on four scenarios for land reform in South Africa.


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The role of traditional leadership in promoting governance and development in rural South Africa: A case study of the Mgwalana Traditional Authority

Considers how well the Mgwalana Traditional Authority (MTA) is performing its role of governing and developing its area and the municipal area of Nkonkobe in the Province of the Eastern Cape. This article tries to find answers to two research questions: 1) What part does the Mgwalana traditional council play in governance and development? 2) Has the South African government managed to add traditional leadership to the local government structures? The article argues that the MTA is finding it difficult to do much socio-economic development because the Nkonkobe local municipality considers governance and development to be its own role, and the traditional leadership is supposed to join only in customary and cultural activities.

Source:  Journal of Public Administration Volume 46 Issue 2 (pages: 947  – 962), K. George;  M.S. Binza

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