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Youth needed to take agriculture into new era of cross-industry integration

Author: Nico Groenewald

Although not necessarily as obvious, the pervasive influence of agriculture on society is creating an entirely new and glamorous view of the sector that will attract the pioneering energies of young people looking for careers as enticing as those in information technology.

The ways in which technology and social media have changed consumer expectations and the nature of the products and services they aspire to have, triggered a ripple effect in agriculture. 

Innovators in the technology and research sectors can create more effective ways for South African conditions to be put to work to increase volume and quality of outputs. In other words, modern agriculture places almost no limits on people who wish to make an impact on the way the world works. Agriculture is no longer about planting crops or running herds of cattle. It’s about satisfying and successful careers in all sorts of human activity linked to agriculture.

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