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Employment opportunity: Assistant Programmes Manager


Vumelana seeks to appoint an Assistant Programmes Manager.


To apply, submit a CV along with a letter detailing your experience and skills applicable for this position and salary expectations to reply@vumelana.org.za on or before Friday 4 May 2018.




The role of the Assistant Programmes Manager is to deliver project management services in support of the core programmes of Vumelana which includes:

•   the Transaction Advisory Support Programme which is designed to procure and manage the advisory services for the structuring of agreements between Communal Property Institutions and commercial investors; and

•   the Communal Property Institution Support Programme which is designed to build the capacity of Communal Property Institutions to manage their affairs

The Assistant Programmes Manager will also provide support to the management team as an integrated member of the Vumelana operational team.




Project identification, review and approval

Administer the project identification process
•    Coordinate the recording of all requests for support received regarding prospective projects and service providers by ensuring provision of all relevant information to Operations for maintenance of a comprehensive project register and database.
•    Perform first level eligibility screening on enquiries received via the website or social media to ascertain whether they meet the required criteria for further processing.
•    Review submissions against basic submission criteria to ascertain whether all the necessary support documentation and information has been received i.e. quality assurance. (Quality assurance is coordinated with the Operations Manager).
•    Assist with compilation of applications to be presented to the Review Panel for review and acceptance.


Support project review and approval process
•    Review Meetings are attended by designated members of the Vumelana team. The Assistant Programmes Manager provides administrative and management support to the Review Panel by ensuring that all administrative requirements are in place.
•    Participate in review meetings to strengthen record keeping (i.e. meeting notes and points of action are attended to).
•    Obtain information in support of due diligence investigations, according to Vumelana’s acceptance in order to assess suitability of communities, projects and service providers to participate in Vumelana’s programmes and prepare and collate information required by the Programmes Manager to determine the qualification of projects for support.
•    Participate in the review meetings to facilitate project analysis.
•    The process of the approval of potential projects is undertaken by the panel.
•    Liaise with the Operations Manager to ensure that database, project records and schedules are current and complete.


Project contract implementation, coordination and management

Administer project contracts and facilitate payments
•    Project QRM is performed to ensure that all of Vumelana’s procedural requirements are followed and policies adhered to. This includes ensuring that all required documentation has been received and approved.
•    Contract Administration is undertaken by ensuring that all contracts are processed and recorded. Using contract templates, the first level content is drafted and forwarded to the Programmes Manager and Chief Executive for approval and signature.
•    Payment Facilitation is undertaken by reviewing project documents against contracts and approving payments.
•    Ensure that project information requirements are met by Vumelana’s project management information systems.
•    Maintain a database of the current pool of approved Advisors.
•    Ensure that Advisor contracts are in place and recorded.
•    Maintain record of Advisor allocations.
•    Record requests for participation of new Advisors. Provide Programmes Manager with required documentation input for assessment and approval.
•    Collate required information for assessment and review of prospective Advisors by the Programmes Manager.
•    Liaise with the Operations Manager to ensure that database, project records and schedules are current and complete.


Provide project management reporting
•    Ensure that all project management reporting feedback requirements are met. This includes information required for internal report back meetings to Vumelana Management as well as information provided to stakeholders and clients.
•    Ensure that supporting project management reports are prepared and disseminated as required.
•    Collate and prepare consolidated reports in support of the Programme Managers reporting requirements.
•    Prepare and produce ad-hoc reports/feedback as requested.


Monitoring and evaluation of projects
•    Investigate and provide updated status information/feedback on all projects.
•    Attend project meetings and forums on behalf of, or as required.
•    Collate information to support project risk assessment processes.


Provide support to the Programmes Manager
•    Provide general support across all functions performed by the Programme Manager as required.
•    The Assistant Programme Manager is required to integrate into the Vumelana Team and actively participate with and on behalf of the Programmes Manager as may be required.




•    Excellent project management skills
•    Strong interpersonal and communications skills (competence in interacting at all levels including proficiency in at least two African languages)
•    Team work and ability to work with minimal supervision
•    Intermediate/advanced computer literacy skills (MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook)
•    Strong understanding of development issues
•    Very strong administrative, organising and planning skills and attention to detail
•    Decisiveness, flexibility and orientation for details
•    Ability to multi-task, resolve problems and handle deadlines, peaks of pressure and follow through on tasks
•    Ability to handle sensitive and complex development issues against a multi-cultural backdrop




•    Minimum of 5 years’ experience in project management, with relevant experience in stakeholder management in a developing country context
•    Proven track record in project management and proficiency in computer programmes in particular PowerPoint, Excel and Word
•    Experience in working with infrastructure/development projects (corporate, private, public).
•    Relevant Bachelors degree
•    Project Management certification or demonstrable experience




To apply, submit a CV along with a letter detailing your experience and skills applicable for this position and salary expectations to reply@vumelana.org.za on or before Friday 4 May 2018.


Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.
Vumelana reserves the right not to make an appointment.
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