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Guide for applicants

Guiding principles such as mutual benefit, community control, commercial sustainability, and fair and firm agreements are taken into consideration when deciding what to support.
Download the Application and Assessment Guide.

Mutual benefit

Agreements should produce mutually beneficial results for communities and investors.

Community Control

Properly elected and effectively supported community bodies should make the key decisions on whether or not to accept an investment proposal.

Commercial sustainability

Projects supported should be commercially viable and have a positive social impact in terms of jobs, income and skills for the community. The ultimate assessment of commercial sustainability will be made by the investors who risk their resources in the development.

Risk management

Commercial ventures require those involved to risk resources in pursuit of a reward. It is important that the risks are carried by parties that are able to accept them. The most successful community / private / partnerships are those where the private partner carries the commercial risk at inception and the community has the right to acquire an increasing stake in operations as they move to profitability.

Independent advice

The advisors should be independent of the community, the investor and Vumelana and should not have a financial interest in the projects supported.

Fair and firm agreements

The outcome of the deal structuring process should be an agreement that is fair to all parties and is legally secure.

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