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Welcome to Vumelana - VGA 2016

Rewarding excellence in Communal Property Institution Governance

Communal Property Associations and Trusts that operate under the Land Reform Programme are invited to apply for the Vumelana Governance Award 2016. Awards will be made to organisations that best demonstrate good governance practices. The closing date for applications have been extended to 12h00 on 25 November 2016.


Click here to download the application form.


What is the Vumelana Governance Award?

The Vumelana Governance Award is designed to reward and encourage the adoption of good governance practices by Communal Property Institution (CPIs). Effective governance of these bodies is vital for the wellbeing of their members and requires:

  • Ensuring that the CPI is properly constituted with an approved constitution, that properly elected governing structures are in place, and that AGMs are held and well attended.
  • The members and membership rights and obligations and policies for member management are well defined.
  • Policies and procedures exist to guide the administration and operation of the CPI.
  • Financial management systems are managed in accordance to policies and procedures and that management accounts and audited annual financial statements are produced.
  • Having the capacity to administer the property and other resources under its control through an effectively organised and managed office.

The following awards will be made to organisations that best demonstrate good governance practices:

  • First Prize: R200 000
  • Second Prize: R100 000


Who can apply?

Applications will be considered from organisations that have benefitted from the Land Reform Programme and are registered under:

  • The Communal Property Associations Act No. 28 of 1996, or
  • The Trust Property Control Act 57 of 1988.

How to apply?

Click here to download the application form.

Please complete as much of the information in the application form as you can. If the information is not available leave the space blank. Completed forms and supporting documentation should be submitted to Vumelana either via email or fax: Email to: goodgovernance@vumelana.org.za Fax to: 086 6048 212

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