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2nd and 3rd Quarter Performance Report for 2014/15: Department & AGSA briefing; Progress report on deregistration of Ncera Farms, with Deputy Minister

Author: Mr C Maxegwana

The Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, together with the Office of the Auditor-General of South Africa, briefed the Portfolio Committee on the second and third quarter expenditure and performance of the Department for the 2014/15 period.

The findings of the Auditor General (AG) revealed inconsistencies between the planned and reported objectives and targets. The root cause pointed to internal control deficiencies, which indicated that the Department’s strategic plan was not consistent with its annual performance plan (APP), as required by the National Treasury.

On Programme 2 (Agriculture Production, Health and Food Safety), the AG discovered there had been no consultation with stakeholders during Quarter 2 regarding the Gap Analysis Report on the animal disease management plan.

Concerning Programme 3 (Food Security and Agrarian Reform), the AG reported that 40% of reasons for variances had not been provided, and that 20% of reported targets were not reliable.

On Programme 5 (Forestry and Natural Resource Management), the AG reported that 50% of the reasons for variances were not provided, while 50% of reported targets were not reliable.


Follow the link below to read the summary and the minutes of this meeting and to download all supporting documents:

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