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A story of a land claim benefiting all involved

Rural land, who should be on it and what to do with it, are hot topics.

AgriSA’s land audit found that the open market had successfully transferred land to black farmers but attracted criticism because it conflated black-owned with state-owned land and didn’t bore down into the details of new ownership.

The Department of Rural Development and Land Reform achieved just 14% of its targets in the first quarter of 2017.

After transfer to black ownership, huge tea estates in Limpopo and the Eastern Cape seem perpetually about to be “revived”, despite large government investments.

And yet, in the Tsitsikamma between the mountains and the sea west of the Kromme River near Humansdorp, a community of black farmers has just commissioned a new 66-point rotary dairy shed.

This is in addition to the successful dairy operation they share with brothers Johan and Willie du Plessis. The Wittekleibosch community is benefiting from the presence on their property of a 95MW windfarm, the Tsitsikamma Community Wind Farm.

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