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Apricum global PV Outlook by 2020: Top five countries will reach a cumulative capacity of over 400 GW

The global solar photovoltaic (PV) market is showing no signs of slowing down, but demand is shifting among the markets around the world and the scale of opportunity in each region, according to Cleantech Advisory firm Apricum GmbH (Berlin). 

Apricum expects the top five countries by cumulative PV capacity in 2020 will be China (180 gigawatts) and the US (83 GW), followed by Japan (57 GW), Germany (46 GW), and India (41 GW). 

Apricum’s PV Market Model Q3, 2015 forecasts the global PV market to further expand as the cost of solar power falls, new government programs are introduced, demand for electricity increases, awareness improves and countries seek to alleviate pollution and CO2 emissions. 

Annual PV capacity to reach 92 GW in 2020

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