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Bayede Newspaper, traditional leaders and mining deals in KwaZulu-Natal

Author: Stha Yeni

A privately owned isiZulu-language newspaper that used to call itself the official voice of the Zulu monarch has launched a dangerous war of words against critics of the king and those who seek to mine the land he claims as his own. 

The newspaper, Bayede, published a story in April by journalist Mandla Zulu about land activist Mbhekiseni Mavuso of Makhasaneni near Melmoth. 

The article quoted members of the Ntembeni royal family, Mawolintshi and Sipho Zulu, as saying that Mr Mavuso was a traitor working with Boers to dispossess people of their land.  The journalist who wrote the story is a relative of Sipho Zulu and both are directly engaged in supporting mining operations that have already caused damage to people’s land and which would ultimately require the removal and relocation of people from their fields. 

The newspaper said Mr Mavuso had been seen “walking with white people” and that he stayed in hotels when he travelled to further his opposition to the king.

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