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Clan’s joy at ruling over land restitution

The Bakwena ba Mare a Phogole have waged a protracted legal battle to force the state to process their land claim that was lodged in 1995. The Tswana clan wants restitution of land now comprising Naturena, Kibler Park, Rosettenville, Ridgeway, Walkerville, Brackendowns and Langlaagte as well as parts of the Vaal and Ekurhuleni. They maintained they were removed from the land following the passing of the 1913 Land Act. Part of their evidence includes 11 graves dating back to 1820. In 2014, Bakwena and the government agreed the claim was valid and would be published in the Government Gazette within 60 days. This agreement was made a Land Claims Court order, but two-and-a-half years later nothing has happened.

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