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Commission on Restitution of Land Rights & Department of Rural Development & Land Reform on Quarter 1 performance

The Committee heard a briefing from the Department on its first quarter report. The overall departmental performance was a 36% achievement against planned targets, compared to the 71% achievement in the previous year. In Programme 1 (Administration), the Department recorded 0% for the second year in a row. In Programme 2 (Geospatial and Cadastral Services), it recorded a 50% achievement rate. In Program 3 (Rural Development), it recorded a 71% achievement rate. No targeted infrastructure projects occurred in the Eastern Cape, Limpopo or the Northern Cape and in the latter, an agri-park was also not completed. In Programme 4 (Restitution), the Department recorded a 0% achievement rate and missed all its targets. In Programme 5 (Land Reform), it recorded a 14% achievement rate. The Departmental expenditure at end of the first quarter was R1.495 billion and reflected under-expenditure of R1.16 billion, or 56.3%. The under-expenditures of the Programmes were: Administration, R191.9 million; National Geomatics Management Service (NGMS), 15.9 million; Rural Development, R116.8 million; Restitution, R759.6 million; and Land Reform, R75.4 million.

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