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Communal Property Associations on its 2015/16 Annual Report, with Deputy Minister

The Portfolio Committee was briefed on the Communal Property Associations (CPAs) 2015-2016 Annual Report. It was noted that 1 483 CPAs had been registered since the passing of the Act and 53 in the period under review. Some of the challenges facing CPAs were outlined.

The department expounded on the institutional support for CPAs, interventions and the annual targets and budget for CPAs.

The total land rights management facility expenditure was R24 million. Details were given on the sale of land by CPAs in various provinces. The implication of the CPA Amendment Bill was also highlighted. It was noted the Amendment Bill and the Rural Economic Transformation Framework would assist in developing institutional capacity for CPAs.

The Department of Rural Development and Land Reform updated the Committee on the N’wandlamharhi (Mala Mala) CPA and Rama CPA, noting that the delays in finalising the verification process in Mala Mala CPA had created a schism, which also affected the payment of dividends to Members. An interim structure had however, been put in place to resolve this issue.

Further details was given on the issue of an annual general meeting (AGM) that was organised in the Rama CPA, but was not attended by many members. The department had set up an enquiry to look into the affairs of the Rama CPA, and taken steps to investigate all issues attached to the incidence

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