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Drought an opportunity to change the agribusiness landscape

Author: Nico Groenewald

While the drought affecting the summer rainfall areas of South Africa will certainly impact farmers, consumers, and the country’s overall food security negatively during 2016, it should also stimulate the agricultural sector into make changes essential to performance improvement of the overall sector.

Sustained, extremely high temperatures have made 2015 the hottest year in recorded history and ensuring that the current drought is severe. But South Africa is a water scarce country and droughts are an integral part of our agricultural cycle. Our farmers and agribusinesses have proved themselves to be extremely resourceful in drought conditions. So, while we need to take the necessary steps to mitigate the impact of what looks like is going to be tough year ahead, we should use the drought to eradicate efficiencies in our practices and systems and to find alternative routes to sustainability.

With climate change making weather patterns increasingly difficult to predict, it may not necessarily persist forever and some recovery in the agricultural sector may be possible.

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