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Effect of laws on citizens will be scrutinised

Author: Andisiwe Makinana

Land reform and inequality will be the main focus of a high-level panel that will scrutinise the impact of South Africa’s laws on the lives of ordinary citizens.

Deputy speaker of the National Assembly Lechesa Tsenoli told City Press the panel was in line with the decision of the ANC’s 2012 conference in Mangaung to accelerate transformation.
Tsenoli emphasised land.

“Land, land reform, land restitution – that is a key part. It’s both political in addressing what we often refer to as ‘national grievances’, the reason that led to the struggle in the first place in our country.

“Land as an asset is also a very potent economic means of production. Who has it, who controls it, what gets done on it is a critical component of that work … and access to land; who has jurisdiction over it?”


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