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How land can solve our problems

Author: Stephen Meintjes

Note how quickly the reaction to white racism connects to land! Writing in Business Day on January 20, author Thando Mgqolozana repeated his earlier controversial tweet: “We can’t deal with one Penny Sparrow at a time. We have to go for the whole thing at once. Decolonisation. Get land. Forcefully.”


He is not alone in his stance, which shows that the deeply ingrained emotions around land could indeed upend the historic achievements of our constitutional democracy by unleashing a race war and turning our country into a rubble heap like Syria. The tragedy of this would be that we would have failed to understand our famous Constitution.


while land restitution corrects some past abuses land reform, at most, benefits a very small minority of the people of SA. Sadly, it comes nowhere close to giving every citizen of this country the idea, let alone the feeling, that this land is, indeed, our land. The good news is that if we heed the direction of the Constitution, the answer is close at hand.


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