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Land reform department posts ‘dismal’ performance figures, ‘worse’ finances.

Author: Jason Felix, Media24 Parliamentary Bureau

“Our figures show we have performed dismally. Our finances look even worse.”

Senior officials from the department of rural development and land reform admitted this before their quarterly report on the department’s finances was tabled in Parliament yesterday.

In the first quarter of the financial year the department used R1.4 billion of its R9.3 billion budget.

Rendani Sadiki, chief financial officer of the department, said only two “departments or functions” used more than half of their budgets.

The divisions in which the budget has been underspent so far are land reform, rural development, restitution and administration.
o The land reform division used R565 585 of its R2.1 billion budget allocation;
o R328 000 was spent on restitution. The department has a budget of R2.2 billion;
o The department spent R200 000 on rural development. About R1.7 billion was made available; and
o Only R249 000 of a R1 billion budget allocation was used for administrative functions.

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