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Malema, Piketty and the ‘land in black hands’

Author: James Myburgh

There is a broad and widely shared narrative that very little of the land settled or conquered and occupied by the ancestors of modern day white South Africans in the 19th century has been transferred to black Africans under the African National Congress government since 1994. The ‘slow pace of land reform’ has been by the ANC government to justify the scrapping of the ‘willing buyer willing seller model’ and the salami slicing away of existing property rights through various pieces of legislation (passed or pending).

The EFF meanwhile are pressing for all caution to be thrown to the wind in this regard and for the land to be forcibly expropriated. In his recent address to the American Chamber of Commerce the EFF leader Julius Malema stating that “this main issue of ownership, which is mainly the land” needed to be fixed. “You’ll never be confident if you do not have ownership” he told the audience. ”Whites have ownership, black people don’t. Your survival depends on the selling of your labour to white people.”


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