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On Sunday the Vumelana Advisory Fund awarded the Marobala-O-Itsoše Communal Property Association (CPA) of Marobala Farm in Limpopo the second prize in the 2015 Vumelana Governance Award in recognition of their achievements in effectively governing the CPA’s affairs.
The Marobala-O-Itsoše community was dispossessed of its land rights between 1941 and 1965 when its members, who refused to be reduced to labour tenants on the land they occupied, were issued with “trek passes”. These passes were the old apartheid style documents to formalise forced removals. The community members were forced to scatter and relocated in various areas such as Moletjie, Mohodi, Bochum, Botlokwa and some went as far as Mpumalanga.


In 2004, the Marobala-O-Itsoše Community witnessed the handover of 9 000 ha of land in their favour. According to the Nkuzi Development Association, this marked the beginning of community integration, involvement and participation in their development initiatives of job creation, livelihood security and communal land governance.

The governance of the CPA rests on the adoption of and adherence to a constitution that governs all the affairs of the CPA. In this regard, well developed policies, good and consistent communication to its members through Annual General Meetings, consultative forum meetings, quarterly meetings, and well-developed benefit distribution principles whereby it invests in various initiatives to improve the livelihoods of its members, all act to enhance a CPA’s effectiveness ensuring that a communities rights become real.

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