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Pretoria land claim might be invalid

Author: Stephané Bothma

The Regional Land Claims Commission has appointed an independent researcher to investigate a land claim involving large parts of the Tshwane Metro.

This after two land claims were registered by Mkwaduba paramount chief Victor Lekhuleni of the Bakgatla ba Lekhuleni clan.

The claims were published in the Government Gazette in December 2014 and February 2015, respectively.

The commission in a statement said the publication of the claims in the Government Gazette did not automatically give them validity, Rekord North reported.

An initial claim had previously been lodged by Lekhuleni, but it was reportedly found to be non-compliant in terms of Section 2 of the Restitution Act, as there were no records of the claim having been lodged.

However, it was later accepted after Lekhuleni went to the Land Claims Court to review the decision

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