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Report Calls for Survey of Farms Acquired Through Land Reform Programmes since 1994

Having considered its sister department and Ingonyama Trust Board’s (ITB’s) 2016/2017 Annual Performance Reports and having conducted their own analysis of their respective budgets and estimates of their expenditures over the medium term, the Portfolio Committee on Rural Development and Land Reform came up with a Draft Budgetary Review and Recommendations Report (BRRR) aimed at improving the service delivery imperatives of these respective state organs.

To streamline various funding demands that the department is faced with, the report suggests a need for an integrated funding model that encapsulates land reform beneficiaries, smallholder and emerging black farmers to minimise the duplication of either settlement, recapitalisation or support funding.

The report also calls for the survey of the socio-economic impact and sustainability of farms acquired through the land reform programme since 1994.

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