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Revised 5 year Strategic Plan: Department of Rural Development and Land Reform briefing

Author: Mr O Sefako

The Committee met to adopt a briefing by the Department of Rural Development and Land Reform (DRDLR) on its revised five year strategic plan. The Department described its five programmes for the financial year and also highlighted the strategic goals for each programme.


The first programme related to corporate governance and service excellence, with strategic objectives of compliance with all public sector legal prescripts and an unqualified regularity audit opinion. Programme 2 addressed improved land administration for integrated and sustainable growth and development, with strategic objectives of improving spatial planning and providing an integrated and comprehensive land administration system. The third programme identified aims to promote equitable access to and sustainable use of land for development with three objectives — infrastructure development to support the rural economy, provision of support and development to rural enterprises and industries, and job creation and skills development in rural areas. Programme 4 addressed the restoration of land rights, while programme 5 was targeted at the promotion of equitable access to, and sustainable use of, land for development.


The strategic objectives of this programme included promoting equitable land redistribution and agricultural development, the provision of comprehensive farm development support, and implementing functional systems and institutional arrangements.



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