What is the future of land reform in South Africa? What could happen by 2030? Click here to read more on four scenarios for land reform in South Africa.


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South Africa struggles with land reform

Land issues in Africa are widespread and deep-rooted. Governments across the continent are struggling to rebalance historical injustices in the face of inconsistent laws, politically sensitive cultural tensions and financial constraints.

 In South Africa, the ruling African National Congress (ANC) party, under pressure from a rising radical left-wing opposition party, has a raft of land reforms tabled for 2014. Among them is the reintroduction of the Restitution of Land Rights Amendment Bill, which in July reopened a claims process that ended in 1998, giving those ejected from their land a five-year window to lodge new claims.

 Twenty years after the end of white minority rule, South Africa is still navigating away from the racially skewed configuration of land ownership that became entrenched during the apartheid era.

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