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Support to land reform beneficiaries: Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries & Department of Rural Development & Land Reform

Author: O Sefako

The Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (DAFF) briefed the Committee on its post settlement support provided to land reform beneficiaries. A comprehensive breakdown was given of DAFF’s support programmes: Comprehensive Agricultural Support Programme (CASP), ILIMA/LETSEMA, MAFISA (loan component) and provincial food security programmes. CASP’s total budget allocation since its inception in 2004/05 up until 2014/15 was R9.3bn, its total expenditure sat at R7bn (89%). The total number of projects assisted by the Programme was 8 222 and the total number of beneficiaries was 473 542. DAFF was engaged in upgrading the qualifications of its extension officers. It had 12 Colleges of Agriculture which produced farmers and provided training for small farmers. The purpose of the ILIMA/LETSEMA Programme was to fight poverty through increased food production. Since its inception in 2008/09 up until 2014/15 it had spent 97% of its funding. It gave a breakdown of figures in 2014/15 for food security programmes in the provinces. The programmes covered households, schools and community gardens. In 2014/15 a total of 143 172 hectares of ground was being targeted for planting. To strengthen its efforts, it made recommendations pertaining to Programme Design, Monitoring and Management.

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