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The lion’s share of prizes at a recent farming competition in Free State has gone to women

Jacobeth Tsomo is one of the winners at a competition for emerging farmers and she has taken top honours.

The Sernick agricultural group provides training and support for emerging farmers.

“You know when we have a farmers’ day and it’s amazing to see about 50% of the attendance is from women. They are so keen and so dedicated – they seem to be the future of emerging farmers in South Africa,” said Sernick Group chairperson Nick Serfontein.


Tsomo competed against her husband Solomon and beat him. “I am so proud of her, because she is a hard worker. She is always at my side, we do everything together” said Mosoeu.

Tsomo and her husband Solomon Mosoeu met many years ago, when they were working at a petrol station and today they own a farm in the Free State.

“In our olden days men said women shouldn’t go into the kraal, it’s only for men,but when I was in secondary school, my uncle told me that there is no such thing,” said Tsomo.


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