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Those who till the land will reap benefits for all

“We believe that it is our duty to assist and uplift the communities in which we operate,” said Mr Guy Clarke, managing director of Crooks Brothers Limited (CBL).

CBL is one of South and Southern Africa’s leading producers which has, over the past 10 years, pursued a strategy of proactively supporting the transformation of the industry with communities that have received farms through the land-claims process.

Through these partnerships, locals are sent to college to be educated in agriculture and the management thereof. This with the hope that they will return and make their land prosperous and profitable for all.

The first of these bursary recipients was the Mthayiza Farm, owned by the Libuyile community under Chief Musa Khumalo.

With the assistance of CBL, the community was able to rehabilitate over 1 000 hectares of sugar-cane land that was rundown.

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