What is the future of land reform in South Africa? What could happen by 2030? Click here to read more on four scenarios for land reform in South Africa.


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Unlocking the Informal Economy: A Literature Review on Linkages Between Formal and Informal Economies in Developing Countries (WIEGO working paper no 27)

Source: Women in Informal Employment: Globalizing and Organizing (WIEGO), Kate Meagher
 Published: April 2013
Content Type: Paper
Country Focus: Other

This paper reviews over 200 items of current literature on formal-informal economy linkages under four categories – linkage mapping, institutional design, governance effects, and the politics of formal-informal linkages. The paper considers how the realities of globalization, market reforms, and the crisis of the global (formal) economy have reshaped the geographical, sectoral and regulatory scope of formal-informal linkages. It addresses a new, more complex problematic that focuses not only on patterns of linkages and whether they are beneficial or not, but also for whom, and with what impact on the governance structures of formal as well as informal economies


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