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Young change makers using tech to solve land corruption

Fifteen bright young minds from Malawi, Namibia, South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe came together late last year to brainstorm innovative solutions to combat land corruption.

Across Africa, one in every two people needing access to land-related services is affected by corruption. This could be a politician issuing title deeds to a select community to cement power ahead of local elections, a business deal between land developers and governments that displace local farmers, or traditional authorities abusing their power to sanction land grabs.

For young people, land-related corruption in rural areas can sap entrepreneurial spirit and restrict access to employment, encouraging migration to overcrowded urban centres where competition for jobs is even greater. At the three-day workshop our young change makers were mentored by leading social entrepreneurs in order to develop solutions to boost integrity in the land sector.

Participants from different countries were encouraged to work together to ensure a wider reach for each solution. The four best projects to come out of this initiative have been awarded seed grants so they can be developed further.

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